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This machine is a combination of worktable and mechanical polishing arm。 It is suitable for surface polishing, deburring of metal sheets。

The machine is very convenient to use. And it’s very easy achieve the required grinding strength by lightly pressing.

The automatic vacuum adsorption workbench can distribute the vacuum suction。 The  workpiece can be grinded efficiently and safely without any clamps。

The actual workpiece can be matched with different brushes to achieve the desired results.

The machine has the function of dust absorption, which sucks up the dust during workpieces’ grinding. And it can offering protection of the workers' health and workshop’s tidiness.

One motor drives two grinding heads, which is more efficient convenient and energy-save by rotating grinding head 180°。

Working  width

1200mm * 750mm

Total power


Processing thickness


Suction air volume

1000m³ /h

Brush disc


Sand disc

Φ 150

Total weight



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